Mississippi Governor's Mansion seen from the front gates
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Will the Next Mississippi Governor Prioritize Black Mississippians’ Needs?

Duvalier Malone believes it is imperative for Mississippi voters to consider the disparities facing the Black population in the state during the upcoming election for governor in 2024. That should include tackling poverty and improving educational opportunities for Black students, and ensuring all citizens have equal access to high-quality health care, job opportunities and housing, he argues.

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‘He Was a Good Son’: COVID-19 Amplified Jackson Violence, Inequities for Black Families 

Found dead on the side of a road in South Jackson, Tramaine Green was one of 128 homicides in Jackson in 2020. In her overview introducing the Hinds County chapter of our “(In)Equity and Resilience: Black Women Women and Systemic Barriers” collaboration with the Jackson Advocate, reporter Aliyah Veal tells one family’s story of navigating COVID-19, gun violence and being ignored by police through the pandemic—and the pandemic-magnified causes of crime and inequities that have long affected their path to success.

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Mississippi Old Capitol building (Jackson leadership)

Under the Surface, Part 3: A Water Crisis Amid A Legacy In Decline

The reaction to integration, which included white Jackson families immediately pulling 5,000 of their children out of local schools, was but one piece of the water-infrastructure puzzle. Another came in 1972, an unintended consequence of necessary environmental reform. That year, the Water Pollution Control Act steamrolled through a veto from President Richard Nixon. Few took notice.

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