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Outdoor shot of some buildings behind a chain link fence. A water tower on the right says "Hinds County Detention Facility"

One Jail’s Tale: Hinds County Detention Center At Risk of Federal Takeover  

The jail designed to improve conditions for detainees has faced a myriad of problems: structural deficiencies, chronic understaffing and poor management. But fixing those problems have been elusive under whatever sheriff and Hinds County Board of Supervisors are in elected office at a given time. Now, 27 years later, the federal government may take over the Hinds County Detention Center, wresting control from local officials.

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Man holding an empty wallet

‘It Broke My Heart’: St. Dominic’s Debt Collectors’ Tactics Cause Lasting Damage

Debt collectors are supposed to mirror the values of St. Dominic, a nonprofit hospital in Jackson that says access to affordable healthcare is the community’s most urgent need. But an investigation found that their contract debt collectors often sue Mississippians in low-wage industries and garnish their wages, tacking on expensive attorney’s fees, court costs and interest rates.

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Oxford defense attorney Kevin W. Frye

Asian Man Gets Plea Deal on Drug Charge After Attorney Reveals Racial Disparities in Enforcement

An Asian man facing prison time on a drug charge got a plea deal soon after his attorney alleged selective prosecution and used the Oxford Police Department’s own data to reveal worsening patterns of racial disparities for arrests and prosecution of drug charges. Now, he is facing five years of supervised probation instead.

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