Spark authentic dialogue. Demand accountability. Report equitable solutions​.

Spark authentic dialogue. Demand accountability. Report equitable solutions​.

What is a
Solutions Circle?

MFP-YMP Solution Circles are a platform for a diversity of Mississippians to together address challenges communities face through deep listening and relationship-building across divides. Through respectful dialogue, our neighbors become our best resource and allies for creating sustainable and impactful solutions around urgent public-policy and community issues that can transcend partisan politics. The Mississippi Free Press and other media outlets can then center oft-ignored communities and people from counties across the state based on the needs, solutions, experience and expertise they bring to these people-led circles.

What happens:
  • You’ll arrive, park and check in! You will get a sticky note to answer this briefly: “What do you want to solve?”
  • The circle team will quickly organize your topics into larger categories 
  • Participants will self-sort into these circles, or create new ones with our guidance. 
  • Each circle will then spend 30 minutes discussing and writing down what you believe the problems and challenges are in your topic area. 
  • Your circle will then spend another 30 minutes discussing possible solutions you’ve seen elsewhere or want to see explored or brainstormed.
  • Your group then will report out to the larger circle on your ideas, which we will document and publish on our new Solutions Circles website.
  • Participants then envision ways to follow up on our ideas from intimate think-tank meetings to other creative solutions they imagine and implement.
  • Outcomes and ideas will appear on this microsite for later discussion.

Find the Circle that Fits You Best

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