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Hosemann Pins Water Blame on Jackson Leaders Since Last White Mayor; Harvey Johnson Factchecks

Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann said Mayor Kane Ditto, the capital city’s last white mayor, was also the last leader on Jackson’s infrastructure. Former Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. begged to differ. “I don’t know what the impetus is behind all of this misinformation,” Johnson said. “I hope it’s not demographics.”

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Nick Judin March 1, 2021

‘A Respectful Conversation’: Hosemann, Lumumba Break Tension Over Jackson Water

Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba and Lt. Gov Delbert Hosemann met today at the Capitol for a “respectful conversation,” in the mayor’s words, to discuss a concrete plan to address Jackson’s short-term water-system needs. The meeting was a preface to the much more complex discussion of how to permanently address the city’s aging water infrastructure. 

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Nick Judin March 9, 2021

Under the Surface, Part 1: Jackson Residents Struggle from Neglected Water System

What does it mean to be without water? It is innumerable small humiliations: the splash of a toilet flushed with a bucket, days on end without a shower, no clean clothes. It is weeks without a cooked meal, a sink full of unclean dishes, brushing one’s teeth with water from a bottle, if a bottle can be found. For Tamiko and Otis Smith and many others, it is something far more dangerous. 

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Nick Judin March 13, 2021

Specifics Murky in Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Federal Jackson Water Crisis Relief Bill

The City of Jackson may receive federal assistance for its ongoing water crisis after U.S.

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Nick Judin March 17, 2021

Under The Surface, Part 2: After Jackson Freeze, the Fog of War

It was Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021, when it all went wrong at the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant. Dr. Charles Williams, public works director for the City of Jackson, could see the writing on the wall. “We started losing system pressure. Everything bottomed out. We had to figure out why,” he says now. A war, of sorts, lay ahead.

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Nick Judin March 26, 2021

Legislative Assistance For Jackson Water Crisis Rests On Single State Bill and Federal Aid

The Mississippi Legislature’s effort to assist in the Jackson water crisis has been pared down to a single bill on water-payment flexibility and $2 million from the capital expense fund, a far cry from the ambitious plans that emerged at the peak of the outages. But legislators involved in the ongoing deliberations over the crisis say the federal government is expected to provide significant support for the City of Jackson and Hinds County, between the disaster declaration and the American Rescue Plan. 

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Nick Judin March 29, 2021

Under the Surface, Part 3: A Water Crisis Amid A Legacy In Decline

The reaction to integration, which included white Jackson families immediately pulling 5,000 of their children out of local schools, was but one piece of the water-infrastructure puzzle. Another came in 1972, an unintended consequence of necessary environmental reform. That year, the Water Pollution Control Act steamrolled through a veto from President Richard Nixon. Few took notice.

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Nick Judin April 21, 2021

Electrical Fire at O.B. Curtis Leaves City Without Safe Water For Weekend

Jackson residents are without clean water yet again, as an early-morning electrical fire at the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant depressurized the city’s transmission system just ahead of the weekend. 

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Nick Judin April 30, 2021

Jackson Boil Water Notice Lifted, Investigation Results To Come

Jackson residents have safe water again this week, after the city announced today that it was lifting the boil-water notice put in place after a control-panel fire at O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant.

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Nick Judin May 3, 2021

‘This Was Coming’: Public Works Director Charles Williams on Jackson Water, Staff, Errors

The Mississippi Free Press met with Public Works Director Dr. Charles Williams on May 3 to discuss the EPA’s 2020 emergency order, the ongoing effort to improve the city’s water treatment plants, the documentation of the city’s water treatment violations, and transparency over water quality and safety. 

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Nick Judin May 6, 2021

Jackson Maddox Well System Repairs Continue

The City of Jackson has completed repairs on the Siwell Road Well in south Jackson, the first of two wells in the Jackson Maddox Well System to receive a full replacement after mid-May failures left thousands in the Jackson metropolitan area with low water pressure, potentially unsafe for consumption.

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Nick Judin June 14, 2021

Not A Drop To Drink: Jackson’s Slow-Going Water Pump Repairs Leave Bitter Taste Behind

Beginning on May 18, Mercadel lost access to water for three days, had low pressure for two weeks and unsafe drinking water for over a month at his Maddox Road home. It was a miserable continuation of the Jackson water crisis not much easier to endure than the city-wide outages of February and March.

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Nick Judin and Julian Mills July 7, 2021

EPA Tours Jackson Water Treatment Plants As City Faces Long Road to Rehab

Regulators and public-works officials agree that Jackson’s water-treatment facilities have completed key improvements ahead of a looming Environmental Protection Agency deadline, but much work remains to bring the capital city’s system into compliance with public health regulations.

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Nick Judin July 26, 2021

Flint Lead Lawyer Sues Jackson, MSDH, Alleging Lead-Poisoned Children

Lawyers representing hundreds of Jackson children have sued the City of Jackson, Trilogy Engineering Services, and dozens of individual employees and public officials over allegations of persistent failures to address corrosion control in the Jackson water system. The lawsuit claims that spiking lead levels over the last decade and inaction on the part of public officials has resulted in lead-poisoned children in the city.

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Nick Judin October 22, 2021

EPA Chief Visits Jackson to Address Water Crisis, Discuss Help in Biden Infrastructure Deal

Michael S. Regan, the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is touring Jackson today and addressing topics on the environment with an emphasis on the city’s longstanding water infrastructure woes. 

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Nick Judin and Ashton Pittman November 15, 2021

EPA Administrator Visits Jackson Just Ahead Of Citywide Boil Water Notice

An ailing water system brought EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan to Jackson in the first place, and that same system had displaced the students of Wilkins Elementary to Van Winkle Elementary. Later in the day, Jackson residents would learn of a third crisis: yet another citywide boil-water alert.

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Nick Judin November 16, 2021

Coagulant Failure At O.B. Curtis Leaves Jackson Without Clean Water Again

The capital city is once again without clean water, after the City of Jackson announced that a bad batch of coagulant chemicals forced the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant to shut down a significant portion of its water production system.

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Nick Judin November 16, 2021

Our Communities and Constituents are Counting on ARPA; Withholding Not Rational

Our state is one of four that have not begun obligating their funds. If we wait another year to appropriate ARPA, we have less time to complete the jobs and we have fewer available contractors, subcontractors and civil engineers.

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Delbert Hosemann March 21, 2022

Jackson Mayor, Health Department Clash Over Drinking Water Safety

Capital-city residents could be dealing with rolling precautionary boil-water notices for up to another year, as the winterization process at the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant continues. But Jackson’s mayor and an expert consultant from Cornerstone Engineering remain adamant that the water remains entirely safe to drink.

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Nick Judin August 8, 2022