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A pink tinted photo of Mary Kay Ash
MFP Voices

How Mary Kay Contributed To Feminism—Even Though She Loathed Feminists

Mary Kay Ash, who died in 2001, loathed the term “feminist” and disliked the movement, but she successfully defied her era’s female gender norms, Professor Cassandra L. Yacovazzi writes. “She turned a few thousand dollars into a multibillion-dollar cosmetics empire and led it for decades. Her sales force grew from fewer than 10 women to tens of thousands.”

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Blue illustration of a school classroom, everyone wearing masks
MFP Voices

Surplus Should Fund Mississippi’s Future, Not Fund Tax Cuts for Wealthy

Kyra Roby, a policy analyst at One Voice Mississippi, believes state lawmakers should properly use the extra funds from President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act to foster a better future for all Mississippians by fully funding public education, creating affordable health care, and providing affordable housing and solid infrastructure.

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Mississippi Coding Academy students

Forging Economic Empowerment: New Satellite Coding Academy Opens in South Jackson

Changing the gender wage gap statistics is a desired outcome as DSC Training Academy and Mississippi Coding Academy partner to open a new coding campus in south Jackson. The new academy’s location will operate out of the workforce development center on Interstate 55 South Frontage Road and will offer convenience for potential coders from south Jackson, Hinds County and the metro area, DSC Training Academy President Willie Jones said at a virtual press conference on April 8.

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