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Brown plush teddy bear with out of focus lights behind it

Remembering Mississippi Children Who Lost Their Lives to COVID-19

Inside the Heritage building in downtown Jackson stands a miniature Christmas tree. Teddy bears line the tree’s bottom as if they were its protectors. White lights match the nine pairs of angel wings that decorate the tree, each pair of wings representing one of the nine children who have passed away from COVID-19 in Mississippi.

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Kimberly Griffin, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, and Donna Ladd participate in a virtual discussion of the state of the current COVID-19 outbreak in Mississippi.

Dr. Dobbs Explains Why the Delta Variant Is Exploding in Mississippi, What To Do (Transcript)

On a special edition of MFP Live, State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs talked to Kimberly Griffin and Donna Ladd about the exploding delta variant in Mississippi, sharing unblinking safety advice; talked about what is most dangerous about flying now; explained why masks are essential in schools and what activities shouldn’t happen there. He also praised Black leaders for vaccine efforts even as the virus shifted into “predominantly a white disease in Mississippi.” Here’s full transcript and links to the MFP Live episode and podcast.

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