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Author Octavia Butler leans against a shelf in a bookstore filled with books she wrote
MFP Voices

Octavia E. Butler Mined Her Boundless Curiosity, Forging A New Vision For Humanity

A pioneering writer in a genre long dominated by white men, Octavia E. Butler’s work explored power structures, shifting definitions of humanity and alternative societies. In an interview, English language and literature professor Alyssa Collins explains how Butler’s boundless curiosity inspired the author’s work, and how Butler’s experiences as a Black woman drew her to “humans who must deal with the edges or ends of humanity.”

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Abstracted illustration of four brown women of various ages against a purple background
BWC Voices

The Love of Mississippi Women Restored Village COVID-19 Broke

Shanina Carmichael reflects on her experiences as a woman, mother and wife during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the love from her village of Mississippi women continues to guide and uplift her despite the many challenges her family endured. “Losing access to schools, childcare providers and friend groups was more frightening to me than the disease itself,” Carmichael writes.

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BWC Voices

My COVID Experience: Sick and Scared Led to Renewed Motivation and Opportunity

Being sick took a financial toll on me due to the amount of time I was out from work during quarantine. However, the time away from the daily rat race also gave me the opportunity to think and reflect on my goals in life, which got me back on track with the future I envisioned for myself and my family. I found renewed motivation for all of my endeavors, and now new opportunities await.

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Flight paramedic Brad Harper

Bled Dry: Mississippi In Desperate Need of Blood Donors, Facing Ominous Shortage

Mississippi is in the midst of the worst blood shortage in decades, leaving hospitals bereft of vital supplies for trauma patients and surgeries, presenting a severe threat to the safety and well-being of every resident of the state. Medical professionals are calling for new blood donors to help Mississippi protect its dwindling supply of medical blood.

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