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Jackson Staging ‘Unconstitutional Roadblocks’ in Black Communities, Class-Action Lawsuit Charges

Mississippi Justice Center President and CEO Vangela M. Wade said that an expired driver’s license, auto registration, or liability insurance is not necessarily indicative of criminal behavior or intent. Her organization filed a class-action lawsuit against the City of Jackson Police Department on Feb. 23, 2022, for setting up roadblocks across the capital city.

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‘He Was a Good Son’: COVID-19 Amplified Jackson Violence, Inequities for Black Families 

Found dead on the side of a road in South Jackson, Tramaine Green was one of 128 homicides in Jackson in 2020. In her overview introducing the Hinds County chapter of our “(In)Equity and Resilience: Black Women Women and Systemic Barriers” collaboration with the Jackson Advocate, reporter Aliyah Veal tells one family’s story of navigating COVID-19, gun violence and being ignored by police through the pandemic—and the pandemic-magnified causes of crime and inequities that have long affected their path to success.

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