A tall Confederate statue stands in a median in a highway through Brandon, Miss., the county seat of Rankin County
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‘Woke’ in Mississippi: Annual ‘Confederate Heritage Month’ Always a Rude Awakening

My studies of newspaper archives and primary sources, and some good learning from Dr. Manning Marable at Columbia both widened my understanding from the racism in my native South to what really happened across the country and it, well, awakened me. It also made me want to come on back home and face down, and report, demons I needed to confront as a white Mississippian.

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‘Ole Miss’ vs. ‘New Miss’: Black Students, Faculty on How to Reject Racism, Step Forward Together

Black students and faculty at the University of Mississippi explain how administrators, donors and alumni can step boldly into an anti-racist future with transparency, publicly stated solutions and without depending on UM community members of color to do the heavy lifting. They love the university and want to see it reach its, and thus the state’s, full diverse, equitable and inclusive potential.

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