‘Today, I Hear Their Hurt’: Mississippi Governor Signs Bill to Change State Flag

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves signed “a law to turn a page in Mississippi today,” as he put his signature on legislation that will retire the state’s Confederate-themed flag. With legislative officials and African American leaders surrounding him, the Republican governor said that recent events have changed his mind about what the State of Mississippi should do about the long-controversial symbol.

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‘Eradicate to Educate’: Tougaloo College Opens New Institute in Wake of Police Killings

In response to the brutalization of these black bodies, Tougaloo College is continuing the tradition of freedom fighting by establishing the Reuben V. Anderson Institute for Social Justice. “It remains our responsibility to contribute to the education of students to train them to become the ethical leaders, change agents and social justice advocates of tomorrow making meaningful change throughout the world,” Tougaloo College President Carmen J. Walters said.

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