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Shot of Malik Richardson standing outside by brick stairs

Despite Deaths Behind Bars, Hinds County Wants Out of Consent Decree

The Hinds County Detention Center has been under a federal consent decree since 2016. Elizabeth E. Simpson, the federal court appointee tasked with monitoring the consent decree, reviewed the video footage of how Michael Richardson died and wrote to the court about it on Oct. 28, 2021, identifying this incident as the latest in a series of deaths at the jail that year. Malik Richardson, 22, said that his father unexpectedly dying in jail left a hole in his heart.

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Headshot of Kayode Crown, wearing a grey sweater and black rectangle glasses
MFP Voices

A New ‘Sheriff’ Is Reporting Unconscionable, Bipartisan Jail Practices in Mississippi

Our new journalistic sheriff is on Mississippi criminal-justice beat to make sure that this problem, and related ones, stay front and center until solutions are engaged. No more closing of the eyes, kicking the problem down the road and media ignoring it. Reporter Kayode Crown is determined to not allow that to happen, and as of Jan. 15, he is a full-time reporter at the Mississippi Free Press.

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Zakiya Summers on the House floor

White-Appointed Court, State Police For Majority-Black Jackson Goes to Governor

Jackson residents who commit local misdemeanor offenses could soon appear before an unelected, Mississippi Supreme Court-appointed municipal judge from any part of the State after the Mississippi Legislature sent the final version of House Bill 1020 to Gov. Tate Reeves’ desk. If signed, the bill would take some authority away from elected judges and prosecutors over the 83% Black city’s capitol district.

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Mississippi’s Democratic legislative leaders held a press conference with former University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones (transparent government)
MFP Voices

Most Mississippians Crave Transparent Government

“We are fiercely independent and report beyond partisanship. We are truth-tellers,” Donna Ladd writes. “We want a transparent government regardless of who or what party is blocking the information from the public.”

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MFP Impact, Media and Awards 2023

“[A]s the invaluable Mississippi Free Press tells us, the Lost Cause is still making mischief.” – Esquire Magazine MFP Impact, Awards and Media Coverage – 2023

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