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A shot of an old Jackson Free Press events calendar
The Mississippi Free Press is reinstating a digital events calendar that will showcase many notable festivities and other goings-on held across the state. People may begin submitting their suggestions for November and December 2023. Photo by Nate Schumann

The Free Press Events Calendar Returns, Spans Magnolia State

For years, residents of the Jackson metro area could visit the Jackson Free Press’ website to browse a multitude of events happening in the vicinity. The calendar proved itself a great resource for our readership—so much so that after the JFP discontinued the calendar in early 2022, my coworkers and I have often found ourselves at the receiving end of a particular question: “When is the calendar coming back?”

Well, the Mississippi Free Press finally has an answer. We are currently in the process of setting up an events calendar once again. This time, however, the calendar will spotlight events occurring across the state. Our hope is to soft launch before the end of October and continually improve and grow the list of curated events we feature.

To that end, an events editor will join the Free Press’ in-house staff.

As someone who served as events editor in 2019 before transitioning into my deputy-editor role, I know that the job can be rewarding. In this position, the editor will communicate with event organizers, vet submitted events and discover new ones to add—editing and drafting descriptions that fit our style and relay all the pertinent information that visitors may need.

To submit your event or to suggest an event for our calendar, you will be able to visit the calendar’s webpage once live and click an option for submissions. You can also email details to The events editor will review the events and list ones the MFP decides to include.

Organizers will have the opportunity to promote their events, which will place them in more prominent locations on the calendar. This option will be accessible through the calendar’s website or by emailing a promotion request to the events email. Email for further questions regarding paid promotions.

Our hope is that the MFP’s calendar will showcase the public festivities, concerts, trade shows and other community activities available throughout Mississippi that bring joy to locals and visitors alike. By learning more about one another’s favorite activities and joining in, we can become more connected as Mississippians.

If you are attending an event as a vendor or performing artist, we want to know about it.

If your hometown has any sort of annual festival that people look forward to each year, we want to know about it.

If the nonprofit you work for has a fundraiser it’s hosting to support causes you believe in, we want to know about it.

We will not be able to include every submission, but we will do our best to ensure diversity in location, subject matter and audience. Your financial support will help us expand the resources we need to cover even more events going forward. Start sending your suggestions for November and December 2023 events to and look forward to a full launch of the new calendar’s website soon.

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