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Abstracted illustration of four brown women of various ages against a purple background
BWC Voices

The Love of Mississippi Women Restored Village COVID-19 Broke

Shanina Carmichael reflects on her experiences as a woman, mother and wife during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the love from her village of Mississippi women continues to guide and uplift her despite the many challenges her family endured. “Losing access to schools, childcare providers and friend groups was more frightening to me than the disease itself,” Carmichael writes.

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Brown plush teddy bear with out of focus lights behind it

Remembering Mississippi Children Who Lost Their Lives to COVID-19

Inside the Heritage building in downtown Jackson stands a miniature Christmas tree. Teddy bears line the tree’s bottom as if they were its protectors. White lights match the nine pairs of angel wings that decorate the tree, each pair of wings representing one of the nine children who have passed away from COVID-19 in Mississippi.

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How youth can protect themselves
MFP Voices

We Are Not Snowflakes: To Normalize Bullying is to Abet Suicide

Advikaa Anand reflects on times in her life when she was bullied, remembering the effect it had on her self-esteem and overall mental health. She encourages parents, teachers and neighbors to proactively validate children’s experiences, protect them and provide just consequences for bullying.

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