A photo of Lou Engle speaking at a stadium outdoors, men behind him with their arms lifted in prayer

‘The Seed of A Revolution’: The Christian Dominionist War On Abortion, Part III

Hundreds of young Mississippians and Alabamans knelt in a dark room, their foreheads to the floor and tears streaming down their faces as each mouthed inaudible prayers, a foreboding melody drowning out their voices. On the stage in front of them, violet lights illuminated the hair of musicians and ministers on the stage, save for a balding man with a thick mustache who squeezed his eyes and rocked back-and-forth as he spoke.

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Religious Freedom and Unity: America’s First Muslim Museum Launches National Tour, Hosts Webinar

the International Museum of Muslim Cultures is continuing their work with the launch of its 2021-2027 National Tour for its two signature exhibitions, which are “The Legacy of Timbuktu: Wonders of the Written Word” and “Muslims with Christians and Jews: An Exhibition of Covenants and Coexistence.” It will also host a Zoom webinar, “Exploring African Islamic Contributions to Civilization,” on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 6 pm.

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