‘An Agenda to Bring Light’: Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign Wants ‘Third Reconstruction’

The Poor People’s Campaign’s “Third Reconstruction” resolution highlights what it calls a congressional failure to elevate the poor through social programs, voting-rights expansion and the elimination of systemic racism. It details suggested solutions for each of these problems, including an increase in the long-stagnant federal minimum wage, provisions to expand insurance coverage, a large-scale reduction of student debt and prison reform.

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MFP Voices

Using Our Superpowers: Multi-tasking is Mandatory for Bold Climate Action

Parents across America are no strangers to making hard decisions, and we expect our leaders to do no less. We cannot fail to address the clear and present danger of injustice, white supremacy and its effect on our nation’s government. We cannot afford to allow one second to pass without solid, transformative, science-based climate action. We can and must do both at the same time.

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Long polling lines

Mississippi Votes to End Jim Crow Electoral College-Like System; Popular Vote to Choose Governor

Mississippi has voted to end a Jim Crow-era constitutional provision intended to dilute the Black vote and ensure white voters would be able to choose governors and other statewide officials. It created an electoral college-like system requiring candidates for statewide office to win, not only the popular vote, but also a majority of Mississippi House districts.

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