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A pregnant woman sits on a grey yoga mat and hugs her belly happily
BWC Voices

Black Maternal Health: Postpartum In The Time of COVID-19

Reva Kindred shares her first postpartum experience with professional Black women doulas and a lactation consultant. She writes that being pregnant and giving birth during COVID-19 was stressful, but with the right professional team of advocates and a tailored birthing plan, Reva and her husband were able to navigate postpartum during this pandemic efficiently.

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‘The Stories Have Been Lost’: Scott Ford Houses Preserve Power, Legacy of Black Midwives

With the renovation, the organization hopes to have a permanent place to house “Reclaiming Our Legacy & Shifting the Narrative of Mississippi Granny Midwives: A Storytelling Project.” The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is providing a $50,000 grant to help document the stories of families in the state through interviews with families or communities that had midwives. The dialogue will focus on “granny” midwives and their roles in births as well as their interactions with children. The project will focus on the Jackson Prairie, Mississippi Delta, Black Belt and Loess Hills regions of Mississippi.

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MFP Voices

Honoring Anarcha, Lucy and Betsey: Enslaved Women Experimented On By The ‘Father of Gynecology’

When she was just 17, a slave girl called Anarcha was “given” to an ambitious young medic, along with two other slaves named Lucy and Betsey. They were branded “breeders” and forced to undergo torture in the form of gynecological experiments. Statues have been put up in honor of their torturer—the so-called “father of gynecology” James Marion Sims—yet, their names have been expunged from the medical history books. 

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