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a photo of activists holding pro-abortion rights signs near a street preacher who holds a sign saying "Heaven or Hell?"

10 Years After Mississippians Rejected ‘Personhood,’ Federal ‘Life at ‘Conception’ Efforts Underway

When Magnolia State state residents rejected the Personhood Amendment ten years ago this week by a 58%-to-42% vote, they defied national expectations. The Personhood Amendment, also known as Amendment 26, would have enshrined a definition of the word “person” in the state constitution that would have included even fertilized human eggs, theoretically banning all abortions.

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Sen. Chris McDaniel's side profile is visible as he listens to someone ask a question, the image of an American flag is visible in the background behind him

‘They Don’t Trust The People’: Lawmakers Want To Weaken Voter Power, McDaniel Warns

State leaders are considering the prospect of a special session to repair Mississippi’s ballot initiative law after the state Supreme Court nullified it earlier this month in a decision that also killed the voter-approved medical-marijuana law. But even if lawmakers come to the rescue to quell widespread voter anger, some will use the opportunity to weaken direct democracy in the Magnolia State, one Jones County Republican is warning.

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