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Judge Dismisses Suit Over Mississippi Proof-Of-Citizenship Voting Policies

a photo of Judge Reeves standing at a podium

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit that challenged a 1924 Mississippi law that required naturalized citizens to show proof of citizenship in order to vote. Both the plaintiffs and the defendants, including the Mississippi secretary of state, asked for the dismissal after the Legislature adopted a new law this spring that addresses concerns immigrant and voting rights groups raised.

What I Found At My Kids’ Memphis School Isn’t Funny. It’s Racist.

A woman sits outside with two kids and a dog in her lap

Memphis Comedian Katrina Coleman found racist stickers posted on a dumpster near their children’s predominantly Black elementary school in Memphis, Tenn. Coleman along with their children scraped them off together, using this as an example of how white parents can initiate change in a racist system by calling out white supremacy one small act at a time.