Madison Central Student Yasmine Ware’s ‘Oreo’ Podcast a NYT Contest Winner

Yasmine Ware

“I talked to my teacher about how everyone was calling me an oreo because at the time, it was a very hurtful comment. I’d always been around mostly white people, and to be in this new Black community and to feel rejected by that community, a community that I really wanted to be a part of, was very difficult,” teenager Yasmike Ware explains about her award-winning “OREOntation” podcast.

With Abortion Rights in Danger, Mississippi Women Call Out ‘Pro-Life’ Hypocrisy

Amanda Furdge sitting at her desk

Mississippi’s justification for unconstitutional abortion restrictions has long revolved around the assertion that the laws, like the 15-week ban recently taken up by the Supreme Court, protect women and children. But the reality is now, and has long been, that Mississippi women and children’s health and economic security is not prioritized.

Knowing How Heat and Humidity Affect Your Body Can Help You Stay Safe During Heat Waves

Digital street sign displaying a 107 degree temperature.

Less than halfway month into North America’s official summer, heat waves are blistering much of the country. Heat waves anywhere in the country are dangerous. Hot desert climates are stressful due to extreme temperatures, while humid subtropical climates are stressful because the body has trouble removing heat when sweat doesn’t evaporate readily. As recent events have shown, hot is hot. Here’s how to be careful.