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Governor’s Policing Surge in Jackson May Not Prevent Violence, Address Causes

Tate Reeves at podium with uniformed officers on either side

Parts of Mississippi’s capital city is seeing a “saturation” of additional police presence that Gov. Tate Reeves promises will counter a spike in crime and violence that has worsened since the pandemic began. But violence experts warn that a swelling police presence may not be effective, and it actually harm communities.

Lottery Raised $59 Million For Education, But $272 Million MAEP Funding Gap Remains

a student sits in a room looking to the right as his classmates raise their hands

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation raised $80 million for state highways and almost $59 million to support public education during its first full fiscal year. The education funds will go to the state’s Education Enhancement Fund, which supports the Early Childhood Learning Collaborative, which is a state-funded pre-K program, and the Classroom Supply Fund.