It’s High Time We Listen To Indigenous Women on Climate

For the first time in history, with the appointment of Deb Haaland as the Secretary of the Interior, the protection of natural lands in the United States falls under the leadership of an Indigenous woman native to the lands she is called to defend. While this momentous selection had been supported by diverse groups from across the country, it begged the question: What took so long for Americans to recognize the importance of Native perspectives in protecting the land?

‘Absurd and Inane’: The Death of the Mississippi Ballot Initiative

Molpus, Fillingane, Bryan side by side

With immense public pressure—and scorn—following the decision to scrap a wildly successful ballot initiative and the entire process alongside it, it seems likely that Mississippians will have access to some form of initiative and referendum process by the end of next year. But both the reasons for the initiative’s return in the 1990s and the explanation for the Legislature’s failure to adapt the process after the state lost its fifth district remain a subject of debate.