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Rosalyn Smith-Howard

Manager of Diversity and Workforce Development with Entergy Corporation

Roslyn Smith-Howard

Rosalyn Smith Howard serves as Manager of Diversity and Workforce Development with Entergy Corporation where she is tasked with providing strategic direction and leadership development through career readiness programs and initiatives to enhance workforce development, diversity and inclusion. With her expansive knowledge in workforce development, Ms. Howard was eager to champion her new role in supporting Entergy in filling the gaps needed to support its pipeline to employment by building a stronger workforce.

Prior to joining Entergy, Rosalyn Smith-Howard served 14 years as the Executive Director of the Mississippi Nurses Foundation, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Madison, MS, servicing the state of Mississippi through philanthropic and strategic initiatives to support nursing students and the nursing workforce. In her role, she was masterful in developing long term partnerships with various healthcare and community organizations to advance the mission of the foundation. Her ability to influence through powerful presentations enabled her to be a strong force in increasing fundraising initiatives, donor involvement, and promotion of the organization. In 2019, under her leadership, the Mississippi Nurses Foundation was awarded by Mississippi Business Journal as a Top Nonprofit in Mississippi.