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A circle of chairs in a gym
Photo by Donna Ladd

Opinion | New MFP Solutions Circles About Dialogue Across Divides. Join Us.

With support of the American Press Institute, the Mississippi Free Press is about to launch three physical solution circles over the next three months in three counties in our state focused on bringing people together in conversation across divides and beyond partisanship to talk about community concerns and potential solutions. Our first stop is Jackson on Nov. 9, just after our state election. What better time to get people together to talk about common concerns? We all care about public safety, for instance. What solutions might respectful dialogue and deep listening yield? How can our citizenry work together? Let’s find out.

If you aren’t familiar with solutions circles, community members gather to identify challenges that affect them or their neighbors daily, like health care, public education, need for opportunities or public-safety concerns, or whatever issues emerge from each gathering as a focus. Because who better to talk about solutions to community problems than the people who are most affected, which are Mississippians like us?

Our approach is the opposite of panel discussions. You lead these respectful conversations; everyone has an equal voice. No one drowns out anyone else.

Sign up for a Solutions Circle in your community.

Our editors, reporters and writers are often in these conversations. They are there to listen, and I mean listen. They listen deeply and might ask clarifying questions, usually after the circle, but that’s it. There are no bad ideas, and all are welcome. There’s no hierarchy in our circles. My Big Pappa from Clarke County would say it doesn’t matter if you are a potentate or a pauper. (Some of y’all just googled potentate, didn’t you?) We want every section of the community to join in. Jackson is our first circle, and people from throughout the Jackson metro area are welcome. You’re about to see a lot of us around Mississippi.

Each circle lasts about two hours, and we feed you hearty snacks. Let’s just say Donna Ladd and I have never underfed anyone. We hold all circles in a community space where all are welcome as long as you register in advance. Here’s where you come in. We will call on our fellow Mississippians like you to help us gather the community and to make these circles as inclusive as possible in every way—yes, even across political beliefs and party.

Take a moment to let us know if you’d like to attend (or help organize) a circle in your community. We might even email you or text asking for suggestions for space or the names of others to invite. Consider this a group project for Mississippi where we do our part to uncover solutions for Mississippi and, in turn, the nation. Oh, and you’ll meet great people and make new friends and contacts. Join us.

But remember you must register in advance here. We will send you info and an official invitation once we’ve reviewed your registration.

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