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Person of the Day | Roy Perkins: Starkville Alderman, Vice Mayor  

A man holding a sign that reads Roy A'. Perkins Way
Starkville Vice Mayor Roy A’. Perkins (center) holds the street sign for the new road in Ward 6 named after him. Mayor Lynn Spruill (right) issued two proclamations recognizing him at the July 5, 2023, Starkville Board of Aldermen meeting. Photo by Heather Harrison

STARKVILLE, Miss.— Vice Mayor Roy A’. Perkins began his first term as Starkville’s Ward 6 alderman 30 years ago.

When he started his job on July 6, 1993, the alderman wanted to “give the best of service every day” by fully committing to his constituents and the city. Over the years, he received several other job opportunities, but Perkins turned them down so he could continue serving his hometown.

“I decided to stay in Starkville. Why? Because I love the people of Starkville,” Perkins said at the July 5, 2023, Board of Aldermen meeting.

Mayor Lynn Spruill made two announcements at the meeting to honor Perkins’ eight terms in office. First, she and the board made a resolution to rename a portion of Hiwassee Drive from Hospital Road to Carver Drive as Roy A’. Perkins Way. Second, she proclaimed July 6, 2023, as Roy A’. Perkins Day to celebrate his accomplishments as a longtime public servant.

Perkins is the first Starkville alderman to serve the board for three decades. He has also been Starkville’s vice mayor for four terms. At the meeting, he joked that he’s “not tired yet.”

“I think 30 years is a record that is likely to stand unbroken for local politics—politics of any sort for that matter,” Ward 2 Alderwoman Sandra Sistrunk said.

Perkins was surprised to hear Spruill’s proclamations and said he was thankful for her and the board’s appreciation.

“I will always remember this,” he said. “This is one of the greatest days of my life.”

During his words of thanks, he extended gratitude to the mayor, aldermen and city employees for working alongside him. Former aldermen and a former city attorney congratulated him during the citizens’ comments section.

Each of the aldermen present at the meeting expressed appreciation for Perkins.

“There’s a reason I’m in this business, and it’s because of Roy Perkins,” Ward 7 Alderman Henry Vaughn said, mentioning he had “tried to quit” being an alderman at one point, but Perkins encouraged him to stay.

Perkins said he would spend his holiday just like any other day: serving his community.

“Every time I step out of my house, I’m the vice mayor,” he told the Mississippi Free Press.

The Starkville Daily News originally published this story on July 6, 2023. 

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