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A view of a white garbage truck labeled Richard's Disposal, Inc, on the side in green
Working Together Jackson, a nonpartisan organization, urges the Jackson City Council to approve a garbage contract with Richard’s Disposal, Inc., before the emergency agreement ends this Friday, March 31, 2023. “The only vendor that is ready and willing to deliver service to Jackson residents is Richard’s Disposal,” the organization writes. Photo by Kristin Brenemen

Faith Leaders Letter On Jackson Garbage Contract

JACKSON, Miss.—Jacksonians have dealt with multiple crises in recent years. Without the resolution of the longstanding garbage contract dispute this week, the city’s residents will be plunged into another crisis—one that the city’s elected leaders created.  

The emergency agreement with Richard’s Disposal Inc. ends on Friday, March 31, 2023. Unless the Jackson City Council approves a contract with Richard’s, Jacksonians’ garbage will no longer be picked up starting this Saturday. We urge our elected leaders to put aside past differences and act in the best interests of the citizens of Jackson.

Jacksonians want affordable and reliable garbage collection. The only vendor that is ready and willing to deliver service to Jackson residents is Richard’s Disposal. The two other bidders in the October 2021 RFP process, Waste Management and FCC Environmental Services, have stated in writing to the administration that they can no longer honor the pricing in their original proposals. 

A row of green and yellow trash trucks parked outside
Waste Management Inc. held the garbage-disposal contract with the City of Jackson for years before its last contract ended in 2021. After that, the Jackson City Council repeatedly voted down garbage contracts the mayor presented to it, including one with FCC Environmental Services in 2021 and then Richard’s Disposal twice in 2022. Photo courtesy Waste Management

Richard’s will honor the pricing in its bid, which was already the lowest of the three. Under Richard’s proposal, Jacksonians will receive twice-a-week pickup with a free 96-gallon trash cart at an annual cost that is $4.3 million a year less than the next-lowest bid. A contract with Richard’s also ensures continuity of service. Under difficult and uncertain conditions, Richard’s has been providing reliable garbage pickup service to Jackson residents for the past year. 

We understand that the garbage contract dispute has created harsh feelings and mistrust that will take time and effort to repair. However, the decision that faces our city leaders this week is simple: award the contract to the only vendor ready to continue garbage pickup on April 1. 

As religious leaders we pray that our elected officials will work together to avert a crisis that this city cannot afford.


Bishop Glake Hill Jr., Presiding Prelate, South Central Diocese Church of Christ (Holiness) USA

Bishop Daniel Littleton, Prelate, Mississippi Southern First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church Of God in Christ

Bishop Stafford Wicker, 8th Episcopal Diocese, African Methodist Episcopal Church

Okolo Rashid, Executive Director/CEO and Co-founder, International Museum of Muslim Cultures, Jackson Residents for a Beloved Community 

Bishop Ronnie Crudup Sr., Mid-South Diocese, Fellowship of International Churches 

Bishop Kenneth W. Carter, Fourth Episcopal District, Christian Methodist Episcopal

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