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Black FedEx Driver Alleges Attempted Murder in Affidavits Against Two Brookhaven Men

D'Monterrio Gibson, 24, submitted affidavits to the Brookhaven Municipal Court and Lincoln County Justice Court last week alleging attempted murder against Brandon Case and conspiracy to murder against Gregory Case. Photo by Kayode Crown

On Feb. 28 and March 1, 2022, D’Monterrio Gibson, 24, swore affidavits at Brookhaven Municipal Court and Lincoln County Justice Court alleging conspiracy to murder and attempted murder, respectively, against white father-and-son duo Gregory and Brandon Case. Gibson says the two men waylaid, chased and shot at him in Brookhaven, Miss., in January as he was doing his job.

In the affidavits, Gibson alleged attempted murder against Brandon Case and conspiracy to murder against Gregory Case, Gibson’s attorney Carlos Moore told the Mississippi Free Press over the phone on March 11, 2022.

“Neither the city court judge nor justice court judge has signed a warrant for their arrest,” Moore said today.  “And so we are just puzzled about what’s going on; there’s just still seems to be favoritism being shown to the Cases.”

“And usually as soon as you sign an affidavit, it is presented by the clerk to the judge, and they sign off on it if they find probable cause that the crime has been committed,” Moore added. “So we’re just puzzled why nothing has happened.”

The Brookhaven Police Department did not immediately arrest the Cases after Gibson reported the case in January. The Cases turned themselves to the police station on Feb. 1, 2022. Law enforcement officials released Brandon Case on a $150,000 bond for an aggravated-assault charge and Gregory Case on a $75,000 bond for conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.

Attorney Carlos Moore is wondering why a judge has not signed arrest warrants for Gregory and Brandon Case after his client, D’Monterrio Gibson, submitted affidavits last week alleging that they tried to kill him. Photo by Kayode Crown

Moore said Gibson filed his affidavits in both municipal and justice courts because he was looking for justice anywhere he could.

“It’s evident that Brookhaven (Police Department) is not going to do anything,’ the attorney said. “Justice court has concurrent jurisdiction with Brookhaven municipal court, so we thought that he may get justice over there, but nobody’s doing anything, it seems.”

“We want equal justice, not Mississippi justice. And we know that had the roles reversed, Mr. Gibson would be sitting in jail now without bond for the attempted murder of one of the Cases,” Moore asserted.

In February, Moore said he had asked Lincoln County District Attorney Dee Bates to upgrade the charge to attempted murder as he may present the case to a jury in April.

“We are just waiting for an indictment, and hopefully the grand jury will return an indictment for attempted murder versus aggravated assault, and conspiracy to commit attempted murder,” Moore said today.

Moore explained that police usually sign such affidavits that Gibson submitted to the municipal and justice courts last week on behalf of people who have died.

“Since he is alive, he knows exactly what happened, has identified the people and signed an affidavit in both courts telling what happened, and it was notarized. And so we were surprised because nobody has been picked up on attempted murder.”



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