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Biloxi wade-in, 1963
MFP Voices

The Vestiges of Jim Crow and the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission

The Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, a state-funded spy agency charged with resisting integration and civil-rights activity, actively surveilled these civil rights activists and allowed law enforcement agencies to openly violate their constitutional rights in Jim Crow Mississippi. Those were dangerous times that still affect my family today. 

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Celebrating Blackness: David Dennis Jr. Wins 2021 American Mosaic Journalism Prize

David Dennis Jr., who lives in Atlanta, Ga., is one of two recipients of the 2021 American Mosaic Journalism Prize, which honors a journalist’s ability to cultivate greater understanding and empathy. The prize also supports freelance journalists with a cash award of $100,000 per recipient, the largest dollar amount for a journalism award. The Jackson native’s reporting on Black American culture and the intersection of race with topics such as politics, sports and entertainment drew him the honor. The prize, in particular, awards his 2020 Atlanta Magazine cover story “Ahmaud Arbery Will Not Be Erased” and Gay Mag’s “An Ode To the Black Women At Dillard’s.”

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