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WTM Healthcare Press Conference

‘The Consequences of Human Suffering’: Mississippi Clergy Organizing for Medicaid Expansion

Members of the Mississippi clergy invoked the tradition of solidarity and acknowledged the still-unfinished work when they hosted a press conference in conjunction with Working Together Mississippi to unveil a letter expressing their discontent with the Mississippi Legislature’s seven-year inaction regarding Medicaid expansion. The letter also endorses the Mississippi Cares plan, a version of Medicaid reform initiated by the Mississippi Hospital Association that is intended to provide health-care coverage for working-class Mississippians who currently fall into the “gap” between traditional Medicaid coverage and private health-care plans. 

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Mississippians Break Previous ACA Enrollment Record Almost a Year into COVID-19

More Mississippians signed up for health insurance through the federal insurance exchange in 2020 than any year prior. This year’s enrollment grew 12% over the 98,892 who signed up for 2020 health insurance—and nearly doubled sign-ups from the exchange’s early days’ enrollment in 2013. Mississippi had the fourth-largest enrollment increases over last year, with about 400 more enrollees per 100,000 residents. 

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