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BWC Voices

The Hate They Censor: Purging KKK Truth and Angie Thomas to Bury Lessons of History

Donna Ladd writes that young adults reading a book that explains the origins of the Klan in Pulaski, Tenn., and how it became a white-terrorist “Invisible Empire” under Nathan Bedford Forrest is unacceptable in white suburbs in Kansas, we learn. They don’t think teenagers can handle the truth about white terrorist and vigilante groups burning schools and killing and beating teachers here in Mississippi and beyond to stop Black advancement.

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Tucker Carlson screenshot
MFP Voices

Fear of a Black-Brown Planet: Pushing ‘Replacement Theory’ and Banning CRT to Save White Supremacy

Data from the 2020 U.S. census released last Thursday placed the white population at around 58%, the first decrease in the number of people who identify as white since 1790. That statistic sounded alarm bells for the conservative media personality Tucker Carlson and has helped him mainstream the white supremacist fear that people of color will erase the white population, an idea referred to as “replacement theory.”

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