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Mississippi’s Democratic legislative leaders held a press conference with former University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones (transparent government)
MFP Voices

Most Mississippians Crave Transparent Government

“We are fiercely independent and report beyond partisanship. We are truth-tellers,” Donna Ladd writes. “We want a transparent government regardless of who or what party is blocking the information from the public.”

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a photo of Brett Favre and Donald Trump standing side-by-side next to a golf hole in front of a pond, both holding golf clubs. Trump is wearing a red "USA" hat and holding a thumb up

New Texts Shed Light On Welfare Scandal As Brett Favre Hires Ex-Trump Lawyer

In the wake of recent disclosures of texts related to Mississippi’s welfare scandal, retired NFL star Brett Favre has hired Eric D. Herschmann, an Austin, Texas-based attorney who served as a lawyer for former President Donald Trump. Herschmann will represent Favre amid the ongoing investigations and civil suit over what State Auditor and Hinds County District Jody Owens called the largest welfare-fraud scandal in Mississippi history when they announced their investigation in February 2020.

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Brett Favre with Tate Reeves and Phil Bryant

Mississippi Welfare Scandal Timeline: Brett Favre and the Volleyball Stadium

Between 2016 and 2019, the Mississippi Department of Human Services and nonprofits associated with it allegedly misspent more than tens of millions of dollars in federal Temporary Assistance For Needy Families funds that should have gone to the poorest families in the poorest state. More than $5 million of those funds went toward a volleyball-stadium project at the University of Southern Mississippi favored by retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre and $1.1 million went to Favre himself.

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