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Candidate Questionnaire: Ron Eller, 2nd Congressional District Republican Primary

a photo of Ron Eller with Gen. Michael Flynn
Ron Eller, right, is a Republican candidate for Mississippi's 2nd Congressional District in the June 7, 2022 primaries. He is pictured here with former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, left. Photo courtesy Ron Eller campaign

Ron Eller is a candidate in the Republican Party primary for Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District, a seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, on June 7, 2022. The Mississippi Free Press sent the following questionnaire to all Mississippi congressional candidates prior to the June 7 primaries. We are are presenting the answers as we received them with only light edits.

What are your policy proposals for education?

Funding needs to follow the student. Charter Schools and school choice should be allowed. I believe schools should be treated like a business, if a particular school has a good product and students/family want to get their education from there, so be it. By the same thought if a particular school is failing then those students and families should be allowed to opt out. We need to teach children about the greatness of America. Additionally we need to teach life skills.

What are your policy views when it comes to guns, gun violence and mass shootings? What specific gun regulations do you support, if any?

Concealed Carry Permits need to be recognized nationally, like an individuals driver license. We need to harden targets. There should be a rapid response team on site at schools. If an individual is a Foreign National non US Citizen then said individual will not be permitted buy, own, or possess a firearm within the USA. We need to restore the family unit, and put God back into our society. We need individual responsibility. If an individual has verbalized intent to commit a firearm crime then under court order we could consider a “Red Flag” seizure of said weapons until the threat is deemed not credible.

What are your criminal justice policies and your ideas regarding police violence and brutality?

We need major prison reform to break the chain of repatriation of inmates. Inmates need to be taught life skills and a occupation to change their course. If a officer of the law is found guilty of a criminal act then there is a legal system to deal with this. When an individual is approached by an officer of the law, that individual needs to obey those commands. If the commands are illegal etc. then the individual can report this so that action can be taken about the incident.

What will you do to improve health-care quality and access in Mississippi, including for mental health?

We need to increase access to care for Mississippians. One way to do this is by increasing the number of providers, ie EMTs, RN, NP, PA, and MD. The state should consider launching a program to encourage people to relocate to MS. If we offered healthcare workers debt forgiveness on student loans for coming to or staying in MS to serve in a underserved community that could improve access to care. UMMC, the state hospital needs to be willing to treat all patients regardless of what insurance a patient has ie BlueCross. UMMC, needs to be considered the charity healthcare system for the state.

What is your position on abortion access and what sort of federal legislation, if any, would you support related to abortion? Please describe any penalties you would support for those who obtain abortions.

Mississippis State law 15 week rule is the law of the land. I am a Pro-Life Candidate. Abortion is a state issue and not a federal issue.

Please list any forms of contraception that you believe should be banned, including birth control pills, Plan B/the morning-after pill, IUDs or others. 

I would not ban any birth control method. Contraception is a choice. However, abortion is not a contraception method.

What are your ideas for improving our voting and election systems?

Photo ID (State/Government) issued is the gold standard. In addition there should a required signature match. Any use of electronic voting machines should produce a paper receipt/copy. The government should retain said paper copy, as well as a copy provided to the individual.

What is your view on systemic racism and taking its impacts into consideration when crafting policy?

I am sure that racism is real. But we need to stop playing the “race card” and stop trying to make people into victims. This does not lift people up, but rather holds people back. The county I live in is about 75% AAM, there are many individuals of all “races” that are productive. That being said there is only one race, it’s human. Act 17:26 NIV “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”

What proposals do you support regarding the environment and climate change?

We need to use all of our resources. Energy is the life blood of the American Economy and a national security issue. Eventually, a clean form of renewable energy will win out. But until that day we should not hamstring the American People and Economy for what at this time is a pie in the sky dream.

What are your policy views on our nation’s immigration system?

We are a nation of immigrants. Immigrations should be based a merit based system. Immigrants to contribute to the nation rather than requiring a handout. If an individual comes to America illegally then they should never have the right to vote in a federal election. That would help eliminate the political motivation of any political party. If a child is born here in the USA to an illegal immigrant that child should be a citizen from the nation of the parents and not a US Citizen. That would help to eliminate chain migration.

What are your views and policy ideas related to LGBTQ rights?

This is settled law. LGBTQ is not a protect class, but a personal life style choice; LGBTQ individuals should have all the same
rights as any US Citizen.

What are your views and policy ideas related to the rights of people with disabilities?

This is settled case law.

What changes, if any, do you support making to federal marijuana laws?

We need a Federal Medical Marijuana law. It needs to implemented so that it would over ride state laws and legalize the industry. Under such law only four groups would be able to write prescriptions for the substance: 1) Pain Management 2) Psychiatry 3) Neurology and 4) Oncology. This would also intern open up the banking system for the funds generated.

What are your economic policy ideas?

Our economic policies need to be based on an America First free market system. We should not rely on other nations for items needed for national security. Such items includes electronics, medications, energy, and etc…. If a company moves its business, banking, etc… off shore then we need to look at making this costly decision. We need to reduce the cost of doing business by lowering taxes and reducing regulation.

What is your vision for addressing our infrastructure needs?

Much of America is the envy of the world. However, there are areas that have fallen behind the rest of the such as the Mississippi Delta and Appalachian Mountain regions. These areas need increased economic development and growth in order to improve the infrastructure.

What other policy proposals, if any, do you have that we did not ask about?

The Yazoo Pump Project could be placed under economic as well as infrastructure; but it is more than those issues. It is a national security issue. We are losing critical agriculture land to flooding. With the war in Ukraine there is chance of world famine and grain shortages. We should be capitalizing on the use of our natural resources. Rep. Bennie Thompson is personnel responsible for this project not being completed.

Tell us anything else about yourself that you think voters ought to know.

I have been endorsed by: General Flynn, Restore-Liberty, BLAK PAC, and SEAL PAC. I am a retired military officer who spent twenty years on active duty. During my time in the Army, I was selected as Soldier of Year, NCO of Year, Outstanding West Virginian, nominated into the SGT. Morales Club, and Drug/Alcohol Person of Year.

I had climbed through the ranks from E-1 to E-7, WO, and retired as a Captain. I had started my own business manufacturing products in the outdoor industry under the label of Buck Warrior Enterprises, LLC. I am currently employed as a Physician Assistant in Cardiothoracic Surgery. I have been providing healthcare to the people of Mississippi for over twenty years. My greatest accomplishment is I married my childhood sweetheart and have been married 43 years. We have two son’s and three grandchildren. I believe that with some luck, a lot of desire/ambition, and prayer that we can all achieve the American Dream.

Candidate Bio

Congressional District: 2nd (Incumbent is Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson)

Profession: Retired Military Officer, Small Business Owner, Physician Assistant (PA-C) Cardiothoracic Surgery

Location: Raymond, MS


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