Kimberly Griffin

Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer

Donna Ladd

Editor and CEO

Ashton Pittman

News Editor

Kristin Brenemen

Creative Director

Azia Wiggins

Voices Editor

Nate Schumann

Deputy Editor, News and Features

Aliyah Veal

Culture Reporter

Torsheta Jackson

Education Equity Reporter

Shaunicy Muhammad

Capital City Reporter

Nick Judin

Infrastructure Reporter

Dustin Cardon

Digital Editor

Kiden-Aloyse Smith

Misinformation Fellow

Kourtney Moncure

Podcast Producer/Editor

Melisha D. Brooks

Interim Program Manager of Youth Media Project

Imani Khayyam

Assistant Program Manager, Youth Media Project; Photographer

Cristen Hemmins

Director of Giving

Jared Norton

Business Manager

Shaye Smith

Executive Assistant