A sign in front of a lake that reads: This is your drinking water keep it clean (water challenges)
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Water Challenges Are Complex—Law, Health, Climate and Indigenous Rights Intersect In Developing Solutions

In the U.S., most consumers take clean and available fresh water for granted, and water usually becomes front-page news only when there’s a crisis, But seeing water problems as only environmental disasters does not capture the deeply interconnected nature of water in our society. The Conversation hosted a webinar with experts with a range of expertise and different perspectives on water issues and potential solutions.

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‘Canary in the Coal Mine’: Ted Henifin on the Jackson Water Crisis

Ted Henifin’s years of public utilities expertise made him the U.S. DOJ’s pick for leadership as Jackson’s new “interim third party manager,” a role with unique autonomy from both the City of Jackson and the State of Mississippi. He spoke to the Mississippi Free Press just ahead of a windfall of federal funds-and a dangerous winter storm.

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Rep. Bennie Thompson close up, looking straight forward while adjusting his glasses with his thumb and index finger

Congress Includes $600 Million For Jackson Water System In Omnibus Bill

The City of Jackson is on the cusp of receiving an unprecedented $600 million in federal funds to alleviate the water crisis and rebuild significant portions of the drinking water system. U.S. House Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., andU.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., announced that the congressional year-end funding omnibus bill will include the enormous grant exclusively for the City of Jackson.

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