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Introducing Mississippians in D.C. to Each Other

“It will take all of us to help Mississippi finally reach her potential. We’re here for that mission, and we invite you to join us in whatever ways we can,” Donna Ladd writes. “You can donate in any amount and thus join our Lounge List.”

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A purple Emmett Till River SIte sign, riddled with bullets, behind plexiglass with a plaque beneath it
MFP Voices

They Said Emmett Till’s Name to Me. Now, I Say it for Myself.

I was 15 years old the first time someone said Emmett Till’s name to me, and I’d hear it countless times over the ensuing years. I say his name now for myself, proving my English professors’ belief that Emmett Till’s blood cries out to us from the pen of Mississippians. I say it even though the governor and half the Legislature might say that it’s proof of the nefarious “critical race theory” infiltrating Mississippi schools.

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Donald Trump White House - Mississippi Free Press

‘Trump is a Direct Threat to the Homeland’: Rep. Bennie Thompson Backs Impeachment

Congress should take immediate action to remove President Donald Trump from office after yesterday’s insurrection at the nation’s Capitol, U.S. House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson, Mississippi’s most powerful congressman, said in a statement this afternoon. House Democrats introduced articles of impeachment today, charging the president with inciting an insurrection.

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