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BWC Voices

My COVID Experience: Sick and Scared Led to Renewed Motivation and Opportunity

Being sick took a financial toll on me due to the amount of time I was out from work during quarantine. However, the time away from the daily rat race also gave me the opportunity to think and reflect on my goals in life, which got me back on track with the future I envisioned for myself and my family. I found renewed motivation for all of my endeavors, and now new opportunities await.

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Belhaven Creative Labs

Putting Art into STEM: Belhaven University Collaboration Builds Creative Maker Movement

Unlike many universities with a maker program, Belhaven includes an arts component, a point of pride for the school. Students will learn and work on projects of their own interests as it relates to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). The program encourages students to seek connections between disciplines and foster an autonomous maker culture at Belhaven. 

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Gabby Graves-Wakes sitting in desk in a classroom with blackboard in background

‘It Starts With People Like Us’: Warrior-Scholar Project Hosts ‘Black Women in STEM’

When Gabby Graves-Wake, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, took her first programming class in the fall of 2019, she glanced around the room and made a quick count: There were 56 students, and six of them were women—and she was the only woman of color. Her story is not unusual, as women of color account for less than 3 percent of people employed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields.

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From Memphis to Tunica: Concerns About TVA’s Coal Ash Contamination, Remediation Plans

The Tennessee Valley Authority may have a big problem—and one that could soon spill over into Mississippi. The federally owned corporation manages the now-defunct Allen Fossil Plant in Memphis, Tenn., where environmental experts claim ash ponds have been contaminating groundwater said to be locally connected to the Memphis Sand Aquifer since at least 2017. This aquifer is the primary source of drinking water for the city of Memphis and serves other communities across the Mid-South.

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