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A woman sits outside with two kids and a dog in her lap
MFP Voices

What I Found At My Kids’ Memphis School Isn’t Funny. It’s Racist.

Memphis Comedian Katrina Coleman found racist stickers posted on a dumpster near their children’s predominantly Black elementary school in Memphis, Tenn. Coleman along with their children scraped them off together, using this as an example of how white parents can initiate change in a racist system by calling out white supremacy one small act at a time.

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BWC Voices

The Hate They Censor: Purging KKK Truth and Angie Thomas to Bury Lessons of History

Donna Ladd writes that young adults reading a book that explains the origins of the Klan in Pulaski, Tenn., and how it became a white-terrorist “Invisible Empire” under Nathan Bedford Forrest is unacceptable in white suburbs in Kansas, we learn. They don’t think teenagers can handle the truth about white terrorist and vigilante groups burning schools and killing and beating teachers here in Mississippi and beyond to stop Black advancement.

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An early 20th-century NAACP map showing lynchings between 1909 and 1918.
MFP Voices

How Black Cartographers Put Racism on the Map of America

The work of the Black Panther Party, a 1960s- and 1970s-era Black political group featured in a new movie and a documentary, helps illustrate how cartography—the practice of making and using maps—can illuminate injustice. Cartography is a less documented aspect of the Panthers’ activism, but the group used maps to reimagine the cities where African Americans lived and struggled.

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