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Dale Killinger

FBI Veterans Explain 1955 Investigation of Emmett Till That Never Was

Former FBI agent Dale Killinger was the lead investigator in the bureau’s 2004 investigation of the crime. After a screening of documentarian Keith Beauchamp’s “The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till” at Southern University on June 20, 2022, Killinger acknowledged that the FBI had never even investigated the lynching of Emmett Till at all prior to 2004.

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Lamar Smith and wife Annie Clark Holloway Smith

Buried Truth: Unresolved, Disregarded Lamar Smith Murder Haunts Lincoln County

Black businessman and voting-rights activist Lamar Smith arrived at the Lincoln County Courthouse on Aug. 13, 1955, as dozens of people milled about on the lawn. Walking up to the steps on the north side of the courthouse carrying his ballots, Smith encountered three white men who blocked his entry. Soon, he was lying on the ground dying from a gunshot wound. No one would help him.

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Men wearing "Free Willie McGee" shirts, chained to the Lincoln Memorial
MFP Voices

‘Legal Lynching’ of Willie McGee in Mississippi’s Traveling Electric Chair

May 8, 2021, was the 70th anniversary of the electrocution of Willie McGee in Mississippi’s traveling electric chair, a grim milestone in the history of civil rights in Mississippi. All these years later, McGee’s family continues to mourn his life and confront the impact of the tragic and undoubtedly unjust circumstances surrounding his death. 

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