Lost in the ‘Dead Zone’: Thousands Languish in Mississippi Jails Without Lawyers

A jury rendered a not-guilty verdict for Duane Lake, 35, for a capital-murder allegation against him in November 2021. He had been in jail since 2015 and got his freedom after the verdict. The MacArthur Justice Center at the University of Mississippi School of Law says his story highlights Mississippi inmates’ plight in county jails without legal representation.

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Abilities Dance Boston

Mississippi Native Uses Dance as a Way to Address Equity and Access

When Ellice Patterson didn’t find dance company doors that opened to her, she created new ones that did. They were also wide enough to welcome a broad range of others—”like me and not like me,” she says—committed to sharing stories through movement. Her innovative Abilities Dance Boston focuses on inclusion, equity and possibilities, rather than barriers and limitations.

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