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MFP Voices

We Don’t Scare Easily—MFP’s Focus Is Getting It Right, Not Reporting It First

“First, not one person on our team is fixated on being first. Getting it right is our goal,” Kimberly Griffin writes. “We aren’t sitting around decrying other journalists covering the story. That’s not helpful. It’s harmful because Mississippians deserve as much good information they can get because, Lord knows, power brokers are hiding it from us.”

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a photo of Brett Favre with Tate Reeves and Phil Bryant

Mississippi Welfare Scandal Timeline: Brett Favre and the Volleyball Stadium

Between 2016 and 2019, the Mississippi Department of Human Services and nonprofits associated with it allegedly misspent more than tens of millions of dollars in federal Temporary Assistance For Needy Families funds that should have gone to the poorest families in the poorest state. More than $5 million of those funds went toward a volleyball-stadium project at the University of Southern Mississippi favored by retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre and $1.1 million went to Favre himself.

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