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Oak Grove High School

As Outbreaks Force Schools To Go All-Virtual, Districts Reinstate Mask Mandates

Only days into the semester, some school districts in South Mississippi are walking back their decision to make masking optional. Yesterday, the Lamar County School District announced that two of its schools, Oak Grove High School and Purvis High School, were shutting their doors on Monday and going all-virtual until Aug. 16 “due to the high transmission rate of COVID-19.”

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Baby and mother's hand

Disrupted Care: Mississippi Legislature Kills Postpartum Medicaid Extension, Affecting 25,000 Mothers Yearly

The nearly 25,000 Mississippians who use Medicaid health insurance to cover pregnancy will continue to lose their health benefits just 60 days after birth, after a proposed extension fell casualty to a long session of gamesmanship over control of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid. Dr. Charlene Collier, OB-GYN and director of the Mississippi Maternal Mortality Committee, says the 60-day Medicaid cutoff is illogical at best, and deadly at worst. 

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Mississippi Officials May Ask Voters to Remove Masks for Photo ID Check; Face Coverings Not Required at Polls

Mississippians will not be required to wear masks as they enter polling places on Election Day—but poll workers may ask masked voters to momentarily remove their masks to verify their identities. The mask rules are part of a set of COVID-19 “Polling Place Safety” rules that Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson’s office formalized this week. 

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