Jackson-based Author Gerard Helferich Breaks into Fiction with ‘Hot Time: A Mystery’

“Hot Time” is Helferich’s sixth published book and the first time he has dabbled into fiction. Two of his previous nonfiction works include “An Unlikely Trust: Theodore Roosevelt, J. P. Morgan, and the Improbable Partnership That Remade American Business” and “Theodore Roosevelt and the Assassin,” both of which served as inspiration for Helferich’s fiction debut.

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Woman in black long sleeve top that looks like smooth leather, a bold silver necklace, and silver hair that frames her face. She's sitting against a brown background

Not Another Child: Mother Turns Grief Into Solutions for Gun Violence, Grieving Families 

Oresa Napper-Williams is the founder of Not Another Child, a nonprofit organization that she founded after her son, Andrell Daron Napper, was killed by gun violence in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 2007. One mission of her work is to ensure that parents who lost children to violence are treated with respect and dignity, and get the resources they need. She both collaborates with NYPD on violence prevention and is frank about problems within policing, including respect for Black community members.

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First Lady Elee Reeves watches as Governor Tate Reeves speaks behind a podium

Mississippi Now No. 1 in All-Time COVID Deaths Per 100,000, Dethroning New Jersey

Mississippi now leads the nation in COVID-19 deaths per 100,000, usurping New Jersey, an early pandemic hotspot that until last week had held the title for 15 months. The Magnolia State claimed the unenviable title following a month in which the delta variant surge pushed hospitals to the point of collapse with coronavirus patient levels at all-time highs for both children and adults.

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