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a photo of Cassandra Welchlin
MFP Voices

Mississippi’s New Equal Pay Act Is Not Equal At All

This spring, in an alleged attempt to ensure women are paid fairly, the Mississippi Legislature passed the so-called Mississippi Equal Pay for Equal Work Act—a law that is more likely to harm than help women and their pocketbooks. This new “Equal Pay Act” went into effect on July 1, and the content of the law is a disgrace to its name. 

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a photo of Cassandra Welchlin speaking at a press conference

Black Equal Pay Advocates Ask Gov. Reeves to Veto Equal Pay Bill: ‘A Sham’

On Thursday, the Mississippi Legislature sent the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act to Gov. Tate Reeves’ desk, potentially paving the way for the Magnolia State to end its distinction as the only state without such a law. But the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, a leading group that has lobbied for legislation guaranteeing equal pay for women for years, was not celebrating.

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