A woman flies a yellow flag "Don't Tread On My Uterus" outside of the Supreme Court
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Roe Overturned: What You Need To Know About The Supreme Court Abortion Decision

After half a century, Americans’ constitutional right to get an abortion has been overturned by the Supreme Court. The ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has far-reaching consequences. Nicole Huberfeld and Linda C. McClain, health law and constitutional law experts at Boston University, explains what just happened, and what happens next.

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Oxford defense attorney Kevin W. Frye

Asian Man Gets Plea Deal on Drug Charge After Attorney Reveals Racial Disparities in Enforcement

An Asian man facing prison time on a drug charge got a plea deal soon after his attorney alleged selective prosecution and used the Oxford Police Department’s own data to reveal worsening patterns of racial disparities for arrests and prosecution of drug charges. Now, he is facing five years of supervised probation instead.

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Rob McDuff Defending UM ‘Strike’ Prof, Says Auditor Avoiding ‘Key Provision’ in Law

Embattled University of Mississippi sociology professor James Thomas has obtained prominent Jackson attorney, Rob McDuff, as legal counsel. Mississippi State Auditor Shad White recently targeted Thomas, contending that the academic broke the law when participating in a teach-in event called Scholar Strike. McDuff says the auditor is misreading the statue, which clearly doesn’t apply.

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