Mugshots of Gregory Case and Brandon Case
MFP Voices

Brookhaven’s Black Police Chief Is Blind to Severe Racist Reality

Gregory Case and Brandon Case’s alleged actions sent a strong message through the overall symbolism of timing. It’s apparent that Brookhaven not only still has a serious race problem, but the town is plagued by a documented history of systemic brutality against Black people. It’s also apparent that Police Chief Collins is disconnected from a severe reality of the community he leads.

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Lamar Smith and wife Annie Clark Holloway Smith

Buried Truth: Unresolved, Disregarded Lamar Smith Murder Haunts Lincoln County

Black businessman and voting-rights activist Lamar Smith arrived at the Lincoln County Courthouse on Aug. 13, 1955, as dozens of people milled about on the lawn. Walking up to the steps on the north side of the courthouse carrying his ballots, Smith encountered three white men who blocked his entry. Soon, he was lying on the ground dying from a gunshot wound. No one would help him.

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