A purple Emmett Till River SIte sign, riddled with bullets, behind plexiglass with a plaque beneath it
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They Said Emmett Till’s Name to Me. Now, I Say it for Myself.

I was 15 years old the first time someone said Emmett Till’s name to me, and I’d hear it countless times over the ensuing years. I say his name now for myself, proving my English professors’ belief that Emmett Till’s blood cries out to us from the pen of Mississippians. I say it even though the governor and half the Legislature might say that it’s proof of the nefarious “critical race theory” infiltrating Mississippi schools.

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‘Blackest Bus in America’: New Generation of Freedom Riders Start Journey in Jackson, Miss.

Sixty years after the original Freedom Riders rolled into Jackson, Miss., after a treacherous bus journey down from Washington, D.C., a new generation of activists chose to start a new ride for equal rights and freedom at Tougaloo College on June 19, 2021, which was the first time in American history that Juneteenth had been celebrated as a federal holiday.

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