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MFP Voices

Diversity Is An Overused Word, But a Vital First Step for Essential Journalism 

MFP Co-founder and Publisher Kimberly Griffin reflects on takeaways from a national journalism conference in Chicago, highlighting the continual growth of diversity in media. “‘Diversity’ is an overused word, yet I can’t think of any better word to describe the rooms filled with more Black and Brown folks, more young people, and more people from the LGBTQ+ community,” she writes.

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No More Waiting to Exhale: Black Mississippi Women Are Digging Out Causes of Harmful Inequities

Through the partnership of the Mississippi Free Press and the Jackson Advocate, the (In)Equity and Resilience project is gathering and listening to Black women virtually from across Mississippi, creating a safe space for them to voice their stories of vulnerability, fear, injustice, pain and joy. We are also digging out the deep, historic causes of inequities they and their families face.

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