Garcia familia - Mississippi Free Press

From Mississippi ICE Raid to COVID-19: Immigrant Family Goes Through Hell to Earn a Living in Poultry Plants

After 14 years in construction, Joaquín García (not his real name) thought that working inside a poultry plant during the warm season of 2019 would be more comfortable, so he took a job at one in Mississippi. He was arrested on Aug. 7, 2019, in one of the largest ICE workplace actions in history. Nine months later, he was released from jail to face a new problem: COVID-19 had reached his family and killed some Hispanic workers in the meat-processing facilities around him. (In English and Spanish.)

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Reginaldo Rodriguez - Valdez Market - Mississippi Free Press

‘La Valdez’ Essential for Immigrants as COVID-19 Spreads

Valdez Market sits in the Country Club Village Shopping Center on Old Canton Road, where it took over the site after a Winn-Dixie closed, virtually straddling the border between the capital city and its northern suburb of Ridgeland. It is an area that has seen demographic shifts in recent years, particularly in the large influx of Spanish-speaking residents in the area.

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