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America’s Political System Looks Gloomy Without Succession Planning

Duvalier Malone explains that America’s political system could be on the brink of collapse if our current leaders do not come up with an adequate succession plan to properly fill future leadership positions. “Only then can we ensure that our government is truly representative of the people and that the public’s interests are being served,” he writes.

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Michael Guest speaking at a podium

Rep. Guest Defeats GOP Challenger in Runoff Despite Jan. 6th Criticism

U.S. House Rep. Michael Guest, the incumbent in Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District, soundly defeated challenger Michael Cassidy in tonight’s Republican primary runoff. The runoff follows a surprising near-victory for Cassidy in the June 7 primary, where the Naval reserve pilot eked out a first place finish but failed to win the 50% necessary to avoid a runoff.

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