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A ruptured water main on Main Street. The pipe is dug up and surrounded by muddy water.
MFP Voices

East Biloxi is in Desperate Need of American Rescue Plan Act Funds

It has been 16 years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Mississippi Gulf Coast region. The City of Biloxi is a coastal community that sits quietly along a small peninsula in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico. Category 5 winds destroyed residential communities and businesses throughout Harrison County. Unfortunately, the negative impact on the infrastructure is still felt today. 

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Man holding an empty wallet

‘It Broke My Heart’: St. Dominic’s Debt Collectors’ Tactics Cause Lasting Damage

Debt collectors are supposed to mirror the values of St. Dominic, a nonprofit hospital in Jackson that says access to affordable healthcare is the community’s most urgent need. But an investigation found that their contract debt collectors often sue Mississippians in low-wage industries and garnish their wages, tacking on expensive attorney’s fees, court costs and interest rates.

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Red Flag on pole
MFP Voices

Governor Needs Reality Check: COVID-19 Is Not Over Yet In Mississippi 

Gov. Tate Reeves is rushing to declare victory in the fight against COVID-19 in Mississippi for the third time. His apparent determination to lift the last social restrictions on April 30 runs the real risk of a Final Wave in May and June, which will likely prolong the pandemic well into the summer. That last 10% would mean another 30,000 new infections and approximately 750 deaths. Such should not be considered “acceptable” or merely “manageable.”

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Baby and mother's hand

Disrupted Care: Mississippi Legislature Kills Postpartum Medicaid Extension, Affecting 25,000 Mothers Yearly

The nearly 25,000 Mississippians who use Medicaid health insurance to cover pregnancy will continue to lose their health benefits just 60 days after birth, after a proposed extension fell casualty to a long session of gamesmanship over control of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid. Dr. Charlene Collier, OB-GYN and director of the Mississippi Maternal Mortality Committee, says the 60-day Medicaid cutoff is illogical at best, and deadly at worst. 

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WTM Healthcare Press Conference

‘The Consequences of Human Suffering’: Mississippi Clergy Organizing for Medicaid Expansion

Members of the Mississippi clergy invoked the tradition of solidarity and acknowledged the still-unfinished work when they hosted a press conference in conjunction with Working Together Mississippi to unveil a letter expressing their discontent with the Mississippi Legislature’s seven-year inaction regarding Medicaid expansion. The letter also endorses the Mississippi Cares plan, a version of Medicaid reform initiated by the Mississippi Hospital Association that is intended to provide health-care coverage for working-class Mississippians who currently fall into the “gap” between traditional Medicaid coverage and private health-care plans. 

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