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Two men in suits sitting at a desk talking into thin mics

Senate Unveils Plan To Eliminate 4% Tax Bracket

The Mississippi Senate has unveiled its income-tax plan, challenging the House’s charge toward full elimination of the State’s income tax. As Senate Finance Committee leadership previously hinted, the Senate bill’s aim is to eliminate the 4% income-tax bracket, while leaving the top income-tax bracket of 5% intact.

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Photo of John Polk in the Legislature

Where The Devil Comes In: Income Tax on Trial at the Mississippi Legislature

House and Senate Republican lawmakers are split on how to eliminate the state income tax, a rift that has kept the tax-debate standstill, with prevailing forces in the state leadership leaning heavily toward abolishing the income tax. Still, no proposal that satisfies all players has yet to emerge from the discussion, which follows a failed attempt to push the tax cut through the 2021 legislative session. 

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